Who We Serve

Institutions and individuals around the globe depend on us for our exceptional service, financial expertise, integrity, and innovation. Whether we and our direct affiliates are working with a sovereign wealth fund seeking to benefit its nation's citizens, a pension plan responsible for the retirement savings of its participants, corporations, or ultra-high-net-worth individuals seeking to derive liquidity from their securities holdings, or a family aspiring to achieve its philanthropic aspirations, our combined services empower our clients with unique insights, exceptional advice, and innovative solutions.

Our combined services empower our clients with unique insights, exceptional advice, and innovative solutions.

Alternative Asset Managers

We have allied ourselves with professional financial advisors who help asset managers throughout the world improve efficiency and outcomes through a range of offerings across asset classes providing leading liquidity solutions, investment strategies, and full-service, integrated operational support.

Corporate Consultants

Professional consulting organizations partner with our consultant relations team to gain market insights and develop innovative financing, debt, and liquidity solutions for their clients. We bring our professional relationships into every engagement to support consultants with comprehensive information, product capabilities, and meaningful insights to best serve the needs of the consultant’s own clients.

Private and Public Corporations

We understand that achieving corporate goals while meeting regulatory and fiduciary requirements can be challenging. Zurich Equity Group's third-party affiliates leverage their wide-ranging expertise to develop solutions that marshal their best-of-class international resources to help corporate entities realize their objectives. Their programs involve the better use of technology and data management to improve governance practices. Their approach focuses on improving the signal-to-noise ratio in every process to enable the corporation to achieve its optimum risk-adjusted performance. These principles work regardless of a corporation's goals and objectives by giving executive management the tools and insights that help them to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and to capitalize on rapidly-forming opportunities. Our industry experts introduce innovative ideas for realizing liquidity and freeing up trapped investment capital that can be used to effect growth and change.

Investment Managers

Corporate CFOs and independent investment managers need to navigate through change and capitalize on volatile market environments. Our affiliated professional advisors help them with these tasks by applying innovative technology, leading liquidity solutions, and an array of front, middle, and back-office services. Moreover, financial complexity and data demands escalate as an organization evolves. Our affiliated advisors know how to develop solutions right-sized to support specific strategic goals, investment challenges, and ongoing needs throughout that evolution.

Financial Advisors

Independent financial advisors rely on our direct and affiliated services to help them confidently meet their investors’ objectives with our unique, outcome-oriented multi-asset solutions. Our institutional philosophy reflects a belief that investing ultimately serves a greater purpose, and should be done intentionally and efficiently. Success is measured by achieving investor outcomes and delivering an exceptional client experience, rather than just beating benchmarks. We provide outcome-oriented liquidity solutions that help financial advisors to meet their clients’ objectives. Our liquidity and debt-financing solutions help advisors to unhinge client complacency that impairs an investor’s efforts to achieve important investment objectives. Our liquidity solutions allow investors to implement practical investment ideas that work in any market environment. Our aim is to provide clarity, make the complex simple, explain risk, and avoid surprises, all of which combine to give a financial advisor’s clients the absolute confidence they need to grow and expand their investments.

Financial Institutions

Through all market conditions, our third-party affiliates help financial institutions serve clients, manage risk, and free up trapped liquidity to capitalize on opportunities. Our services meet the demands and needs of every type of financial institution, from regional banks to global financial management entities. Our clients in this broad sector utilize our innovative services to meet a variety of financial objectives.


Our third-party affiliates have extensive expertise in developing right-sized solutions to support a nonprofit’s specific strategic goals, investment challenges, and ongoing needs. The most successful nonprofits face market challenges or regulatory pressures head-on. The expertise that is offered by our affiliates will help a nonprofit to position portfolios for shifting market environments and mounting regulatory requirements, all while providing distinctive insights that account for planned giving, impact and sustainable investing, alternative asset investing, and other nonprofit sector trends.

Sovereign Entities

With comprehensive reporting and innovative debt, investment, and liquidity solutions, our third-party advisors help sovereign entities and investment funds to manage data, monitor mandate compliance, and achieve even the most complex investment objectives, regardless of political volatility or environments. They strive to stay ahead of governance requirements and rapidly changing markets, thus allowing the sovereign entity client to stay within the boundaries of its primary focus. 

Family Offices

Our independent consultants offer specialized expertise for family offices and cutting-edge technology to serve our multi-faceted family client base, including single family offices, high-net-worth individuals and families, private investment companies, family foundations, and private trust companies. Families and family offices have unique attributes that require a distinctive service model. Their size, complexity, investment horizon, and need for advanced technology architecture set them apart from the broader universe of wealth management clients. We provide our family office clients with specialized expertise and cutting-edge technology through our position at the intersection of our core client segments, which gives us the advantage of delivering a tailored client experience backed by enterprise-wide support.

Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Our affiliated independent experts help individuals and families to achieve what matters most to them by leveraging our pioneering goals-driven, holistic approach to wealth management. They offer a full spectrum of services that encompass wealth transfer and tax planning to portfolio design, all with a goal of verifying that a wealthy individual and his or her family will have confidence in their adoption of an effective and resilient long-term financial plan. Our experts provide a personalized framework and take a holistic view to help individuals and families navigate changing market environments and uncover new opportunities to expand and manage wealth.

Insurance Companies

Regulatory change, transparency demands, and evolving market environments present unique challenges for insurance companies. Insurers of all types have been able to manage complexity through bespoke insurance-specific solutions that our affiliated insurance experts have crafted for insurance company clients. Their services and solutions are designed to enable insurers to manage a growing investment pool and address all regional and global regulatory and operational needs.

Pension Funds

Zurich Equity Group’s affiliated pension fund consultants and advisors help our pension fund clients achieve investment goals while meeting regulatory requirements and improving transparency. They have decades of experience in advising those clients in rapidly evolving markets to face the ongoing transparency demands and increasing regulatory requirements that present unique challenges for pension funds. Their advice and assistance better enable pension funds to manage risk, achieve investment objectives, and optimize portfolio liquidity and efficiency.




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