Empowering Global Families with Comprehensive Global Family Offices

Zurich Equity Group’s independent global family office affiliates offer enterprise-wide global resources and cutting-edge technology for the management and administration of family office structures, including advice-driven wealth management, investment management, banking, and asset administration solutions. These services are uniquely tailored to the needs of private, family offices, family foundations, high-net-worth individuals, private trust companies, and private investment companies around the world.

Their services include comprehensive asset pricing and aggregation through in-depth reports that create a complete picture of a family’s net worth for family members and their advisors, with information and tools that include a net worth summary, partnership reporting, cash forecasting, and more. They also address the complexities of investment partnerships by providing automated allocation services and significantly streamlining accounting processes and improving reporting accuracy, timeliness and flexibility. 

Their powerful reporting and data visualization tools provide family offices with the ability to create countless data queries, to easily visualize data through automatic dashboard or chart/graph recommendations, to create and share reports across platforms, and to receive automated alerts on essential portfolio changes. These tools enable them to identify market trends and deliver insights designed to achieve optimal outcomes. Our disciplined global affiliates ascribe to a client-first culture and uncover unique opportunities for family office clients.

Further, multigenerational wealth comes with critical estate planning, wealth transfer, reporting, and tax challenges that can impact family dynamics. Our consultants conscientiously safeguard a family’s unique objectives, while proactively helping meet a family’s future needs

Why Global Family Offices?

Global Family Offices aren't just about handling money; they're about creating a lasting legacy that goes beyond borders. We focus on understanding the unique needs of wealthy families who want more than just advice on where to invest. Our services cover everything needed to manage money in a way that fits your family's values, goals, and dreams.


The Benefits of a Dedicated Team For Global Family Office

Our team doesn't just handle money; we want to be a big part of your family's journey to reach your goals, both as a group and individually. Here's how we make a difference:

  1. Investment Management:We don't just take care of your money; we create plans that are special, just like your family. Whether it's real estate, private equity, or sustainable investments, we aim to build a collection of investments that matches how much risk you're okay with and how much you want to grow.
  2. Estate Planning:Planning your estate with Zurich Equity Group goes beyond the basics. We help you figure out the complicated international laws and rules so that your belongings are safe, and your legacy is passed on just the way you want.
  3. Tax Optimization:Our view on saving taxes globally means we can find chances to lower how much tax you have to pay in different places. We always keep following the rules and being efficient in mind.
  4. Philanthropy Planning:Helping others is a way to show what your family cares about. We help you plan and put into action ways to give that not only make a difference now but also inspire the people who come after you.
  5. Education and Governance:Teaching your family about money and setting up strong ways to make decisions are crucial to keeping your legacy alive. We offer classes, talks, and advice to make sure your family is ready to handle and grow your money.

The Zurich Equity Group Advantage

Personalized Approach For Families

Our advisors tailor their approach to match your specific goals, challenges, and dynamics. This bespoke service ensures that your family office truly reflects what's important to you.

Global Expertise

Our team's global expertise provides your family with insights and access to international markets, investment opportunities, and legal frameworks. This global outlook ensures your wealth management strategy is robust, diversified, and forward-thinking.

Confidentiality and Trust

The foundation of our relationship with you is built on trust and confidentiality. We employ the highest standards of data protection and privacy, ensuring your family's information and wealth are safeguarded at all times.

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated solutions cover every aspect of wealth management. From financial planning and investment management to lifestyle services and philanthropic endeavors, we offer a holistic approach that addresses all your family's needs.

How We Work

At Zurich Equity Group, we work closely with families to manage their money. We believe in teamwork and creating plans that fit each family's needs. Our approach is about making clear plans but also being ready to change when needed.

Initial Discovery Meeting

When we first meet, it's more than just saying hello. It's the start of a partnership. We talk a lot about your family's money history, dreams, and worries. This helps us make plans that match what you want for your family's future.

Customized Strategy Development

Using what we learn from our talks, we create a detailed plan that covers everything your family needs for their money. This plan is made just for you, so it fits your family perfectly.


Once we've agreed on a plan, we put it into action. Our team works with anyone else helping your family with money, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Regular Review and Adjustment

Managing money is a long journey, and we're here for every step. We regularly look at your family's plan and make changes if needed. Our goal is to keep your family's money growing and helping you reach your goals.


What makes Zurich Equity Group different from other family offices?

We take the time to understand your family's needs and have a lot of knowledge about managing money worldwide. This means we can make a plan that's just right for your family.

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Ready to see how Zurich Equity Group can help your family with money? Our team is here to create a plan that's just right for your family's needs and goals. Reach out to us today to start the conversation about how we can help you achieve your financial aspirations.



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