Frequently Asked Questions

What should a client expect with respect to Zurich Equity Group, processes, products, and services?

Our process begins with an initial meeting between a client and one of our client service specialists. The financial planning process entails discovering where the client is now and where the client wants to go. Our specialists form a team of advisors who work together to establish and prioritize objectives. We analyse the problems and opportunities that a client may be facing, examine alternatives, and make recommendations and action steps. The last step is assisting the client in implementing those recommendations.

Once the initial plan is complete and recommendations are made to respond to the client’s needs and objectives, our specialists regularly review and update the plan, assess progress, and consider other actions that may be helpful.

How does a client get started working with Zurich Equity Group?

Prospective clients are encouraged to contact our headquarters office directly to request a complimentary exploratory consultation. Our specialists will discuss the client’s financial situation and our firm’s ability to create a solution that opens liquidity and expands a client’s wealth portfolio. Most client engagements begin with liquidity recommendations that address multiple aspects of the client’s financial wellbeing. In instances where extensive analysis and planning may not be warranted as, for example, the client is a sophisticated investor who has determined which if our specific products or services will best serve the client’s needs, one of our specialists will still engage with the client to formulate a bespoke solution.

How does a client determine if it is qualified to become a client of Zurich Equity Group?

Many of Zurich Equity Group’s clients come to the firm on a private referral basis. Our clients typically enjoy healthy incomes and have investment portfolios of US$10,000,000 or more. However, our specialists welcome and enjoy working with clients who do not yet meet these thresholds but are on the path to reach them in the near future. Please be advised that our products and services involve sophisticated transactions in publicly-traded securities and that those transactions are suitable only for investors who qualify and are able to self-certify as "accredited investors" under the securities laws, rules, and regulations promulgated by the securities regulators that have jurisdiction over the territories in which the client conducts business. 

What can Zurich Equity Group accomplish for a client?

As our specialists begin to understand a client and the client’s financial goals, they help by formulating liquidity and other solutions that enable the client to grow, protect, enjoy, and safely transfer wealth to chosen beneficiaries. Our specialists will help clarify a client’s financial objectives and desires and provide the framework to help the client obtain its goals. They will monitor progress and make sure that the client is on a steady course to financial freedom and independence.

Does Zurich Equity Group guarantee any rate of return for investment recommendations?

No, it is illegal for an investment advisory firm to guarantee returns. However, our specialists devote a lot of time, research, and experience in adopting best practices, which they believe will help a client meet your return goals.

What is Zurich Equity Group Investment Philosophy?

The firm’s philosophy is to make recommendations and formulate solutions that best serve a client's desire to manage and grow assets in a way that works best for the client.  Our specialists will attempt to create plans and solutions that serve a client’s targeted rate of return without taking on more risk than necessary.  

How many clients does Zurich Equity Group currently have?

Zurich Equity Group is a private financial management and investment entity that places the highest priority on client confidentiality and security. The Firm does not publish any statistics about individual clients or about the number of clients that we serve, either in total or by client class. Further, the Firm does not ask any of its clients to act as referral sources or to make public statements about their relationships with the Firm. All client dealings with Zurich Equity Group are maintained in strict privacy with no public reporting of client transactions or results.

How can a client get an answer to questions that are not listed here?

Prospective clients are encouraged to email questions to or to call our headquarters offices at +41 43 550 73 93. Please understand that due to the private and confidential nature of our business and transactions that we offer and administer, we will not be able to answer questions or respond to inquiries about any specific transaction or client, not provide information other than generally available corporate filing materials about our Firm.

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