Bulk Securities Sales Transactions

Zurich Equity Group administers bulk securities sales transactions under which it purchases substantial blocks of publicly-traded securities at a discount from their per-share price. The investor receives an immediate payment for the entire block of securities that are included in the sale and does not need to liquidate the block in multiple smaller transactions over a period of weeks or months. These transactions are an ideal solution for investors who desire to transition away from concentrated holdings of a single or a small number of specific securities, and who then use the cash proceeds of the sale to diversify their portfolios or to invest in new opportunities.

All bulk sale transactions are structured as private sales between two accredited investors. They take place apart from the public market for the underlying securities. The seller retains all obligations for regulatory reporting and accounting, and Zurich Equity Group takes no position and offers no advice on whether and to what extent reports of the transaction are required to be filed.



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