Trust and Estate Services

With knowledge and experience informed by their work with many of the most successful families in the world, our independent experts bring you a unique perspective and deep understanding of trusts and estates. They consistently apply their expertise to ensure that an investor’s intentions are fully realized.

Managing trusts and estates across multiple jurisdictions can be complex and lead to family conflict. Trustees and other fiduciaries must navigate complex legal and tax rules, administrative duties, and at times emotional decisions. Our independent experts can help alleviate these challenges with objective expertise in a variety of roles. They can also provide peace of mind and make better use of an investor’s time by skillfully fulfilling a range of trust responsibilities in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Custodian
  • Investment Advisor
  • Executor
  • Trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee
  • Guardian
  • Trust Consultant


Investors benefit from receiving the right level of service that is tailored to meet the investor’s needs with as little or as much involvement as the investor desires. Our experts incorporate robust checks and balances into estate plans to ensure oversight of assets, distributions, and other fiduciary responsibilities. They work out of multiple offices in several jurisdictions to give you services wherever you are and with an appreciation of your community. They also work continuously to improve your trust and estate plan as your estate expands to include traditional and non-financial assets.

Our third-party consultants offer a range of services and alternate levels of our engagement to improve wealth transfer plans:

  • Corporate trustee services for the management of trust assets with knowledgeable and independent oversight
  • Estate settlement services that include skillful guidance and expert solutions for estate settlement and wealth transfer
  • Guardianship services to protect the financial futures of an investor’s heirs through personalized  investment, tax, and real estate solutions
  • Oil, gas, and mineral rights management services to administer complex investments in oil, gas, and mineral rights assets
  • Real estate and agricultural services to optimize the financial benefits of commercial and agricultural holdings
  • Specialized trust services with tax-efficient and flexible trust solutions that may be available in investor-friendly jurisdictions. 



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