Sustainable Investing

Zurich Equity Group gives investors access to a wide spectrum of sustainable approaches that range from exclusionary to integration and thematic investing.

Sustainable Investing is an investment solution based on the philosophy that environmental, social & corporate governance (ESG) analytics can complement quantitative or fundamental investment techniques so as to mitigate risks or capture new opportunities. By serving as an active owner on behalf of the shareholders, Zurich Equity Group and its independent advisory team will help portfolio companies produce sustainable value. A company’s long-term financial returns are connected to its strategic, environmental, social, and governance performance. The integration of environmental, social, and governance factors can be part of every investor’s heritage with a long-term focus.
Environmental, social, and governance criteria that can be incorporated to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns:

  • Environmental criteria include considerations of climate change, resource depletion, water rights, solid waste, air and water pollution, and deforestation
  • Social factors focus on working conditions, child labor and forced labor, employee health and safety, employee-management relations, and diversity
  • Governance considers board diversity and structure, executive pay, bribery and corruption, and shareholder rights.



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