Multi-Asset Solutions

Our third-party advisors assist investors to manage risk purposefully for better investment outcomes with our effective multi-asset investment strategies that are built with a time-tested, global asset allocation discipline and portfolio construction expertise. They measure success by improving investor outcomes. To achieve that success, they construct an optimal strategic asset allocation combined with an active tactical view to deliver a strong investor foundation while seeking to capitalize on near-term market opportunities.
In all cases, multi-asset strategies are constructed with multiple asset classes and designed to meet target returns or achieve investor outcomes. Our referral advisors deliver these solutions as total or completion portfolios in scalable vehicles, model portfolios, or bespoke solutions. Their deep expertise and experience as discretionary asset managers who are responsible for total portfolio construction and investor outcomes for both institutional and private clients provide a distinct and informed perspective and advantage. Further, they build strategies with a time-tested, global asset allocation discipline that is enhanced by extensive risk management, portfolio construction, and product fulfillment expertise.
The optimum multi-asset investment portfolio seeks only to take the necessary amount of risk to maximize return and meet investor goals. Investors should be compensated for the risks they take, regardless of market environments and any investment strategy. Our advisors serve risk-aware investors by assessing and managing risk intentionally to achieve investors’ desired outcomes.
Every investment solution devised by our consultants features efficient management needs and applies risk purposefully with conviction, quality, and transparency. To make sure our investors receive the greatest possible compensation for the risks they take, our advisors:

  • Employ a “forward-looking, historically aware” approach informed by extensive research
  • Use targeted exposure ETFs to keep risks and costs down while maintaining efficiency
  • Incorporate six key factors, namely, quality, value, volatility, yield, size, and momentum, to drive better potential outcomes

Take advantage of tactical opportunities when markets misprice assets.



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